Human Resources

A Bright Career

Our policy as human resources coordinator is to have employees who believes that making a difference for an institution is possible with distinctive staff whose self reliance is high, who has responsibilities, who is open-minded and enriches the institution with his efforts and believes in high quality service. Our activities in this direction;
Choosing the most suitable candidate for recruitment of new personnel for the positions opened within our organization, not only today but also the needs of the future are considered and which candidates are given equal opportunities;

To establish systems to enable our employees to work, to work with high performance and to be better in their careers and to make these systems work;
To ensure that our employees work in tasks appropriate to their knowledge and skills, and to make arrangements that increase business efficiency and work efficiency;

To appreciate and reward our high performance employees in terms of opportunities.

General Reference

The cv information you provide will be forwarded to our human resources department and in the event of a suitable position, you will be contacted with the contact information you provide.