Quality Studies

Quality Studies

─░stanbul Ayd─▒n University Dental Hospital Dentayd─▒n;

Our hospital has been carrying out its high quality service since 2011 and in 2016, on June 13-17, it had a successful supervision and took the JCI Accreditation Certificate which is the most respected International Quality Certificate and has been awarded with the title of the first dental hospital contractually with SSI. In March 2018, Dentayd─▒n received the ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe) quality certificate and added two of the three quality certificates valid in dentistry to our hospital. With the evaluations made within the scope of Health Quality Standards (ADSH) established by the Ministry of Health since the date of its establishment, it continues to provide high quality service by prioritizing the quality processes.

Quality Coordinator


In order to ensure that the services provided at Istanbul Ayd─▒n University Dental Hospital Dentayd─▒n are carried out at a modern and scientific level, in medical and administrative services, as well as ethical and deontological rules, to ensure and maintain the efficiency, compliance with national and international standards, our committees meet regularly.

Board of Education
Infection Control Board
Patient Safety Board
Executive Board of Physician Authorization and Lending Board
Executive Board
Board of Drug Management and Use
Radiation Safety Board
Facility Safety Board
Medical Ethics Board
Board of Medical Records

Patient Safety Implementations

In order to prevent undesired events in health care services, Istanbul Ayd─▒n University Dental Hospital Dentayd─▒n signifies the precautions taken by Dentayd─▒n and its employees for patient safety. To ensure that errors in processes are detected and corrected before reaching the patient; substructure studies, facility tours, improvements and trainings are carried out regularly.

Studies on the key issues related to patient safety are as follows;

Correct identification of patients
Ensuring effective communication between employees
Ensuring drug safety
Ensuring radiation safety
Reduction of risks from falls
Ensuring safe surgical procedures
Ensuring medical device safety
Providing patient privacy
Safe transfer of patients
Safe transfer of patient information and records between health workers
Ensuring information security
Prevention of infections

Employee Safety Implementations

─░Istanbul Ayd─▒n University Dental Hospital has a Committee on Employee Rights and Safety in Dentayd─▒n. The Committee carries out its work on the following standards. Occupational Health and Safety Unit was established to follow up these studies.

Reducing employees' risks of damage
Taking necessary measures for employees in risky areas
Reducing the risk of physical violence
Reducing the risk of cutting tool injuries
Reducing the risk of contamination with blood and body fluids
Preparation and monitoring of health screening program

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