Fissure Covering and Flor Applications

What is fissure?

The fissure is the recessed and cleft surfaces of the teeth.

What is a fissure sealant?

It is the material that is used to cover the recesses and cavities on the tooth surface. The application of this process is called fissure sealant. Fissure can be defined as a kind of dental vaccine. It is an easy, painless procedure to prevent the formation of caries. This application is the most ideal treatment for children who have a fear of a dentist or go to a dentist for the first time.

At what age should the fissure be applied?

This application is generally applied to the first molars, called permanent teeth. However, this is not a mandatory condition and it can also be applied to premolars and to the milk teeth. Another application may be developmental groove, cleft-like formations in the anterior or posterior teeth. These areas are ideal places for food accumulation and if good oral hygiene is not provided, caries can easily form. In order to prevent such caries, the surfaces can be protected with a fissure sealant to prevent decay. There is no loss of the original tooth tissue in the fissure covering application. After the application, the patients are invited to 6-month routine control sessions. Over time, the fissure sealers may wear or disappear. In such cases, re-fissure sealant treatment may be applied if appropriate by the physician. The main goal of this practice is to protect the molars that are decayed more easily until the age of 9-10, when the children can brush their teeth effectively when the motor functions are fully applied.

What is fluoride application?

The application of fluorine can be defined as the strengthening of the tooth structure against caries by simply strengthening the building block of tooth enamel with fluorine supplementation.

When should fluorine be applied?

Fluoride treatment is generally applied to children under 3 years of age. After the age of 3, according to the risk status, the process is determined by the physician program is applied at regular intervals.

Which department deals with the application of fissure sealant and fluorine?

Our patients who want to make fissure sealant and fluoride application can talk to the pediatric dentistry specialists.

Is is harmful?

Fissure sealers are actually a natural material called fissure composite that hardens with light. They are identical with the structure of the composite fillings, but the fissure cover is a more fluid material with no harm to the child or tooth.

How long does fluoride application take?

Fluoride application is a very simple preservative method and takes approximately five minutes.

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