CAD-CAM Applications

What is CAD-CAM?

CAD-CAM is a method of computer aided dental design and production. CAD is the abbreviation of computer aided design and CAM is the abbreviation of computer aided manufacturing. 3-dimensional image of the mouth is scanned with small special cameras with the combination of computer-aided design and production. It is the total of the design of the prosthesis to be made on the computer after scanning and processing from blocks with special scraper devices. We can say that it is the whole process with computer support from the scanning of the mouth to the production of the prosthesis.

How is CAD-CAM applied?

The tooth that will be restored must be prepared in the first stage of the treatment. Then the images scanned with the optical camera in the patientÔÇÖs mouth are recorded directly on the device and design of the most suitable prosthesis for the patient is prepared by using special software on the computer. Then the restoration is made with a special turning device and placed in the patient’s mouth. CAD-CAM dental, which provides three dimensional measurement of tooth, has the advantage of creating a design by taking pictures with a special camera instead of putting a soft material on the tooth and taking the mold. This method, taking the full-size measurement of the tooth, creates a suitable structure in a few minutes. The desired prosthesis can be applied to patients without any problem in this way.

What are the advantages of CAD-CAM treatment?

A high level of aesthetics is achieved with the restorations prepared through this technology. It is prepared in a short period of time, has a wide application area and is a reliable method. Unlike traditional methods, the size of the teeth prepared by the dentist is photographed with a tiny camera connected to the computer thanks to this technique. The restoration is prepared by using the obtained scanning images. The restoration is ready to be attached by the computer with the crane device on the system. Much more harmonious, real-like restorations can be achieved in this way. A porcelain restoration can be prepared and applied to patient with CAD-CAM in 1-2 hours. The other advantages can be listed as follows;

The system works precisely at micron level and it is not possible to achieve this sensitivity by conventional methods.

  • It saves time because it is prepared in a short time.
  • Every detail is observed and controlled during the design process, therefore the quality of the production is high.
  • The CAD-CAM system ensures a perfect aesthetic appearance.
  • There is no need to measure during design.
  • It provides a very serious advantage for patients with limited mouth opening and gag reflex.
  • Solutions are offered quickly with CADCAM dental prosthesis applications that ensure perfect tooth restoration.
  • Solutions are offered quickly with CAD-CAM dental prosthesis applications that ensure perfect tooth restoration. Quality of life also increases.

Who can benefit from CAD-CAM treatment?

People with nausea reflex during measurement and people with heavy workload who do not want to spend time in rehearsal stages can achieve the desired restorations in one day with this method.

Which department is responsible from CAD-CAM treatment?

Patients who want to get CAD-CAM treatment or who want to get information can contact with the dentists of prosthetic dentistry that is one of the departments of our dentistry.

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