Aesthetic Smile Design

What is aesthetic smile design?

Smile design is the application of dentistry techniques and technologies combined with art to give a personal smile. The anatomy structure of the face, the wishes of the patient and the advice of the physician are effective. The aim of smile design is to provide aesthetics with the minimum level of preparation in dental structures and to give the most natural aesthetic appearance with a conservative approach as much as possible. The smile we have created must be aesthetically appealing and functionally ideal.

What processes involve aesthetic smile design?

Aesthetic smile design is not exactly a treatment but a treatment process, which varies from person to person. Since the aesthetic requirements of each patient will be different, the procedures to be performed are determined individually. Factors such as facial features, gender, age, and expectations of the patient are important in determining these procedures. If there are decayed teeth and gum diseases that existed before smile design, they are treated and then the teeth are cleaned. The procedures are determined together with the physician according to the needs of the patients. These procedures can be listed as gingivectomy, gingivectomy interventions, tooth whitening methods, treatment of tooth deficiencies with implant and prosthesis applications, porcelain laminates, veneers, zirconium coatings, and orthodontic treatments.

What is digital smile design?

Each person has their own facial features, characteristics and temperament. It is also important to consider these factors in the design of the teeth, which is one of the most important features that define the person visually. In digital smile design, all the details are transferred to digital media by different methods and the most appropriate design is prepared by evaluating with special software. Digital smile design stands out in aesthetic dentistry and is a protocol that enables communication between physician and patient at a more professional level.

How to make a smile design?

The first step in smile design is very important; to determine the aesthetic expectations of the patient correctly. The problems are determined and the plans are made on the models prepared by the measurements taken from the mouth of the patient. Then, measurements are made with the help of special programs in the computer environment with intra-oral and face photographs of the patients and their face compliance calculations. The images coming to the nearness after the treatment are presented to the patient with the help of the programs and temporary restorations prepared according to the mouth of the patient and their ideas are taken.

If the orthodontic treatment is not needed after the completion of the planning stage, the level disorders in the gums are regulated first. Planned implant procedures and other necessary surgical interventions are performed in cases where tooth deficiencies are found. After the recovery periods of surgical applications are completed, procedures such as teeth whitening and calculus cleaning are applied. After this stage, the visual and formal defects of the teeth can sometimes be solved with composite fillings. In cases where this method is inadequate, porcelain laminates and coatings or zirconium coatings come into play. The porcelain laminate is usually either not sharpened or minimized. If zirconium or porcelain applications are deemed appropriate, rehearsals of the patients during the stages of the rehearsal of the patient’s ideas and requests can be changed upon request. Lip contour and shape are taken into consideration during all these gum and dental applications and rehearsals and the final design of the targeted design is finalized. Sometimes, aesthetic applications can also be used during smile design. The smile can be brought to the forefront with applications such as dermal fillers in the lip and face areas.

Which department deals with aesthetic dental treatment?

Since aesthetic dental treatment is a process, the help of many disciplines can be sought, but the initiation and process of smile design is usually determined by restorative dental treatment specialists.

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