Dental Implant Applications

What is dental application?

Implant or dental implant;
They are structures made of titanium screws or roots that are placed in the jaw and intended to heal the bone around this implant and accept it as a part of it. Titanium is preferred because it does not interact with body tissues and is a material resistant to forces. Implants are placed in the cavities caused by loss of teeth or in the tooth slot after tooth extraction if there is no serious infection. Implant application is the best and most modern treatment method known for the treatment of loss of teeth.

Is an implant needed for every lost tooth?

Physicians generally prefer an implantation for each lost tooth. Two implants are placed intermittently and a bridge prosthesis is applied over the implant in some cases. The number and method of the implant are determined after the clinical and radiographic examination of the physician.

In which situations is dental implant treatment needed?

People with missing teeth cannot carry out tasks such as chewing and also have an aesthetically negative appearance. Mouth closure differs due to lack of teeth and It may cause major problems in the jaw joint. Psychologically, it may cause a lack of self-confidence. Implant, which is an ideal treatment method, can be performed to cure missing teeth occurred due to trauma, carries and periodontal diseases. Problems such as melting may happen in missing teeth over time. Dental implant application is more protective because it does not receive support from neighboring teeth as in applications such as bridges.

Which department is responsible from dental implant applications?

Dental implant applications are performed by dental and maxillofacial surgery specialists who are working for one of the main branches of dentistry.

How is implant treatment applied?

Quality of the materials, sterilization and hygiene of environment are the most important criteria to provide since implant placement is a surgical procedure. One week is enough for implant treatment. In addition, self-melting suture can be treated in one day but temporary prosthesis cannot be performed in the circumstances

Implant treatment is the first stage of the treatment, and the implant is expected to boil to your bone between 3-6 months in the second stage. Afterwards, porcelain will be made on the implant within a week. The construction time of a single implant is approximately 10-15 minutes.

The time from the start of an implant to the end is only 3-4 minutes. The patient does not feel any pain due to anesthesia during this period. Narcotism passes in 2-3 hours, it may be necessary to use painkillers for 1-2 days.

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